Android Programming (3rd Edition)

32. Property Animation 6. Android SDK Versions and Compatibility 10. Using Fragment Arguments 18. Localization 5. Your Second Activity 34. Maps 2. Android and Model-View-Controller 1. Your First Android Application 4. Debugging Android Apps 28. Background Services 17. Two-Pane Master-Detail Interfaces 9. Creating User Interfaces with Layouts and Widge 33. Locations and Play Services 15. Implicit Intents 31. Custom Views and Touch Events 22. Styles and Themes 35. Material Design 23. XML Drawables 29. Broadcast Intents 20. Data Binding and MVVM 19. Accessibility 24. More About Intents and Tasks 11. Using ViewPager 30. Browsing the Web and WebView 26. Loopers, Handlers, and HandlerThread General Book Discussion 16. Taking Pictures with Intents 27. Search 3. The Activity Lifecycle 12. Dialogs 21. Unit Testing and Audio Playback 7. UI Fragments and the Fragment Manager 8. Displaying Lists with RecyclerView 14. SQLite Databases 25. HTTP and Background Tasks 13. The Toolbar
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We've released a 2nd printing of the 3rd edition. New printings give us the opportunity to correct a few minor issues with the text. We cannot add new content in these types of updates. Here is a pdf of all of the chan…

Errata (3rd Edition) [Android Programming (3rd Edition)] (3)

Last updated: 04/12/2017 Chapter 10: Using Fragment Arguments Challenge 2: Improving CrimeLab Performance. get(UUID) should be getCrime(UUID). Chapter 23: XML Drawables Listing 23.3: Modifying the background drawab…

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