Kotlin Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

2. Variables, Constants, and Types 12. Defining Classes 3. Conditionals Introducing Kotlin 10. Lists and Sets 4. Functions 5. Anonymous Functions and the Function Type 7. Strings 9. Standard Functions 1. Your First Kotlin Application 14. Inheritance 15. Objects 18. Extensions 23. Afterword Appendix: More Challenges 21. Building Your First Android App with Kotlin General Book Discussion 19. Functional Programming Basics 6. Null Safety and Exceptions 8. Numbers 11. Maps 16. Interfaces and Abstract Classes 17. Generics 20. Java Interoperability 22. Introduction to Coroutines 13. Initialization
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Last updated: 08/09/2018 On page 193, the castFireball output begins referring to the glass of fireball as “delicious”, which does not appear in the function output previously.

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