hi there

the example in the book i can change bool into _bool
and i can use it without the include objc.h
_bool isNotLegal !((truckWeight …etc

is this let’s say good or bad thing?

(i’m an native german speaker, also i do read the book in german. even this should not matter at all :wink:

thanks for answering, kind regards



Please remember that type names starting with underscore characters, such as _Bool, are reserved mainly for system use, and you should avoid using them whenever possible.


ok, thank you. system use means in that case only when running on mac os. and not fitting the C99 ANSI standard.
when that is the meaning, thank you very much, yupie, something less I ever had to think about :mrgreen:
will I meet the same behaviour in objective-c? and in other similar languages?