2 ways of setting inlets and outlets in IB, any difference?


Figures 2.18 and 2.19 show 2 different methods of linking inlets/outlets with their respective window objects in Interface Builder:

1: Right-clicking the Instance Object in the Dock and dragging from the circle next to the relevant IBOutlet to the Window Object - e.g. *textField to text field.

2: Control-dragging from the Window Object to the Instance Object on the Dock and linking it to the desired IBAction from the list - “Generate seed” Round Button to seed:.

Due to a quirk with my setup (I’m using Screen Sharing) control-dragging doesn’t work, so i can’t follow method 2, but I can set links from actions to buttons using method 1. And my compiled program seems to work.

My question is, other than the semantic issue that it makes sense to link in from inlets to the action, and out from the instance to the outlet, which may help us visualize and keep track of program flow, is their actually any difference between the 2 methods? Can I safely continue making all links using method 1, until I can sort out the control-drag issue?