4th generation with iOS 7


Will there be a 4th generation released with all new features of iOS 7? And when will it be released?


Yes please!

It might warrant a whole new book, but even some light coverage of SpriteKit would be an amazing addition.


You can already pre-order the 4th edition:
amazon.com/iOS-Programming-R … amming+4th

Release date: December 26, 2013


Hmm, a little (lot) sparse on details, though.

I’d definitely order it if it included some coverage on iOS 7’s new features, especially the transparency/UI changes and SpriteKit for games.


If you already read the 3rd edition and are just interested in the new APIs of iOS 7 than you could also just read the programming guides Apple provides and watch the WWDC videos. That’s normally enough to start coding - everything else: documentation


That’s true - and they have a whole sample game to work with for SpriteKit (that they showed publicly).

I should be playing around with the developer release more - but it’s summer! You’d think they’d have the decency to wait for fall!