A bit overwhelmed


I’ve been going through the book and I’m pretty sure I’ve understood about 90% or so of the material, maybe more. I’ve even been able to do the challenges. But after chapter 9 I am copying in the code from the book, and chapter 9 has a ton of stuff to copy in, and I realized that there is no way I could do this on my own. Even after the chapter, if I needed to add this stuff to an application, I would be going back to the book and finding each part that I needed to use for everything. I’m feeling quite overwhelmed.

First, is this normal? Or is it intended to just go through a chapter and then one should be able to reproduce most of it on their own?

Second, when I’m told about a method, I go look it up and realize that if I hadn’t been told about this method, how would I know it exists? Or where to look it up?