A doubt about 'touchesMoved' method



I have a conceptual doubt about how the ‘touchesMoved’ works.

In the TouchTracker application, the objects are drown on the view in the ‘drawRect’ method. Depending on the state of the object is drown in black (finished) or red (not finished). Ok.

My doubt is with the red ones. With the first touch the ‘linesInProcess’ dictionary is set up in the ‘touchesBegan’:

[linesInProcess setObject: … ];

and when it is finished it its components are removed in ‘endTouches’:

[linesInProcess removeObjectForKey: … ];

But, during the movement, how the ‘touchesMoved’ is updating the ‘linesInProcess’ dictionary in order to be used in ‘drawRect’?

the actual values is setted on the Line instance which is a ‘local’ object.
[line setEnd:loc];

Thanks in advance for any help.


Problem solved.
I’ve clarified the concept.