A few notes on this chapter


Ch. 19, Page 328

The listed changeMapType: method - should all be bold. Although, I’m guessing you’re assuming we’ve created these items automatically by dragging from our xib to the header file, which would create the empty method.

Also, it might be worthwhile to mention that we should add a UISegmentedControl called mapTypeControl, as well as the changeMapType: method to WhereamiAppDelegate.h.

On Page 329 you have:

“add the following line of code to the end of changeMapType:”

but the added code is at the beginning of changeMapType: not the end


Great post. Thanks for taking the time to put this on the board. I was stuck on the implementation of the IBOutlet and this cleared up the issue instantly.


Also, please make sure when connecting the UISementControl to the method changeMapType, choose the ‘Value Changed’ for the ‘Sent Events’.
I chose ‘Touch Up Inside’, and it did not work. I spent some time to find out what is wrong.