A question about ARC & learning from a book written pre-ARC


Hello everyone,

I have a few questions about Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide before I purchase the book. All answers are very much appreciated!

  1. With the recent update to Xcode, ARC specifically, will learning from a book that was written before ARC was introduced make it difficult to transition from pre-ARC memory management to ARC? I’ll still get a solid introduction to Objective-C regardless, right?

  2. Are there any plans for a second edition of this book that will include ARC - should I hold off and wait to purchase?

Thank you!


Good news: this book was written after ARC, so buy it without hesitation.

Xcode has changed a bit, but nothing dramatic enough to cause any real heartburn.


That’s great to hear! Thank you for clearing that up for me, purchasing now :smiley: