A separate prefetch interface?


For the prefetching i added a new message type to the handleMessage method. it simply caches the bitmap and then i used the scroll events to figure out whether to prefetch the next ten or the last 10 outside the current view. I have a method on the downloader that queues the message. [a what of one, instead of zero in the message]. the actual methods all seem to work.

But, i cant figure out where to queue the prefetch. I can’t do it in the custom adapter getView() where the other download is done; that just seems not to work too well. I tried to think of other ways to do this. One post mentions a prefetch interface but i could not figure out how that would help. putting the prefetches in the same cache as challenge one uses seems to work well without the list fragment listening for prefetch events at all…so a small clue or push in the right direction would really help…
Man, i really thought i had this challenge in the bag!


I think I figured this one out. giving a thread another priority for the prefetch is a great clue [new thread].

By the way, this is a great book!


Glad you figured it out. :slight_smile: (and thanks!)