About the 3rd challenge


What does it mean ? I didn’t get it at all , what’s the problem ?

it says when the user can press next until the question appears again , so ? it’ll still show the msg since it won’t go until you actually answer something.

I’ve already solved the first two , but I didn’t get the last one , I viewed a topic here and everybody is talking about arrays and stuff ? and there’s a guy that said when you go to cheat activity and press the show answer and come back and then press cheat again but this time without pressing show answer and then you go back to go around the cheat msg , I solved this , was this the problem ? or the problem was something else ?

thanks in advance.


I think I got it , it means that the user can still answer other questions without getting the msg but the msg will show the question that he cheated on , it should have been explained better to be honest :slight_smile:


So how did you solve this 5.3 challenge?


I’m also at this challenge and possibly over-thinking it - It seems that I need to push an object to the savedInstanceState in order to keep track of each question and the possible cheats?

I guess a verbose way would be to add a variable for each question and change their state 1 by 1?