About xcode navigator area



I didn’t find, on the apple site, explanation about the meaning of letters on the left side of every file and folder in the navigator area.
Somme letters are A,M, or some other characters like ? or - (minus).
Do you know where I can find a list of these letters and their meaning ?

Thank you.


Do you mean that you have read Xcode’s user manual and you did not see those symbols explained anywhere?


I apologize for answering so late.
Yes, this is what I mean.

In the page :
You can not see this symbol.
Each time, I have seen somme picture of the navigator, I haven’t seen those symbol.

And when you ask for xcode on apple site, you can get 7 guides, no one is named “user guide”.

I will be happy, if you can prove me my error.


The material on that page is just an overview.

The symbols you are seeing should be explained in Xcode User Guide that comes with Xcode itself.


Thank you for your help, but I search in the doc coming with xcode and didn’t find anything.
If you found it, can you give me the path appearing in the window (something begining with “Xcode 4.6 doc set”) ?
I searched with the word “navigator” and the word “project”.