Accessory Indidcators


what if we just wanted to display the serial along with the name value and picture? without using accessory indicators. I had the idea of displaying the four primary details: thumbnail, name, serial and value in one easy to read line. how would this be possible. i keep playing with the math but i think i am missing something


I guess you could shrink the width of the subview for name and try to cram another one in to show serial number. I think you’d have to shrink the fonts used to get all the text to fit, which might make it hard to read.

Or maybe you could cut the height of the name subview in half, and add a subview underneath it to show serial number. That would probably also require a somewhat smaller font. I have a feeling it wouldn’t look pretty.



yeah i agree, i have tried every possible angle for it. i can get it to work really well on the ipad but the iphone just doesnt look as good.


Try changing the rowHeight property of the table view, or implementing the similarly named delegate method to get more space for each cell. :slight_smile: