Add BG Image to Grouped TableView using Navigation Template


How to add A Nice Background Image To A Grouped Table View using Navigation Template?

I’ve seen some iPhone applications that use a custom image as the background for a grouped UITableView, instead of the standard gray lines.

I am would like to add for both my iPhone & iPad apps a nice background image to my grouped Table View, instead of the standard gray lines.
The problem I am running into is that this does not seem to work with the ‘Navigation-Based Application Template’?
It seems that to make this work I would have to use a ‘View-Based Application Template’ but this also has its own set of problems.

Also in the discussion boards there is mention of Performance hits?

I have tried a some code I found on the forums as follows, but it fails to work correctly?
The problem is, the image not only appears in the background behind the tableview but also tableview itself and the rows display pieces of the image looking broken?

Would you be able to help with this?