Adding a Local Notification


I have a weird thing happening with the time on my iOS Simulator. The Datepicker is showing the correct time, i.e. the time showing on my host computer. But the date reported in the NSLog in the addReminder method is showing GMT. I am wondering if I have a setting wrong or what may be causing this discrepancy if other people are not having this issue.


I saw this too and discovered that this is normal. From what I understand, the time is reported as an integer which translates to UTC and then the OS adds your Time Zone offset. If you set a reminder, you will still be alerted at the proper time.


I was wondering about that too…thanks for clearing it up!


I have a problem here though.
The time in my console does indeed show as an hour earlier than the actual time set, but as others in this thread said that it still gives the alert at the proper time, that doesn’t happen to me.
I actually need to set it at the time I want it to alert me + 1 hour… I don’t quite understand why this is happening. I even sent the app to my iPhone and tried it that way and it still happens. Even with my phone disconnected from my computer trying it I still need to add 1 hour to the time…

Anyone have any idea why this is happening? This is not an issue I have with any other apps on my phone.