Adding a resource


re: page 27, was able to add icons and launch images to the tiles on the summary page. I did not, however, get the drop-down sheet. It appears to have added them under the main directory, but I don’t see a resources folder created, as appeared in the last version of Xcode (which I had just barely begun to familiarize myself with before this version came out. Alas… I’m a little curious to know if this is a version issue or (more likely) if I’m missing something super-obvious like a setting.



Which release are you on? I got the sheet in the screenshot using Xcode 4.0.2 on Snow Leopard.

I would be surprised if there was a setting that controlled this behaviour, but anything’s possible.

Since it sounds like you didn’t get to choose whether or not to copy the file to your project, you may want to see what it really did. The easiest way is probably to look at the project folder in the Finder and see if it’s there. You could also click once on the file then choose View > Utilities > File Inspector and check the Location: is it “Relative to Group” with a fairly short path?


My MacBook Pro has Lion and Xcode 4.1 build 4B110. Thanks for the advice about looking in Finder. The files actually were saved with the project. Am just getting the hang of the Mac after years of Windows. (Why didn’t I switch sooner???) I vaguely remember something about Lion having an auto save feature, and suspect it may have something to do with it. At least I know now that the files were actually saved. I’ll try making a resources folder and moving them there.