After code updating nothing happens with application


Hello again! I am sorry for bothering, but I really don’t understand what is wrong with my app. Then I change code and build it Xcode says that build succeeded, but it looks like I didn’t update code at all, for example, i changed number of section, i changed name and quantity of items but after compiling then app is launched on device (or on simulator ) looks the same as it was before I made any changes. The same for logs, I added a couple of remarks to see them on console, but they are not there as well. I deleted all code in ItemsViewController and launch app, and it still works! So it looks like app was buffered and can not be updated. Please help me to understand how to make it works properly…


Try cleaning the application (Clean from the Product menu) or deleting it from the simulator by holding down on the icon until it jiggles, then clicking the x icon.