After synthesizing the instance variables, ditching


the declarations and curly brackets results in a failed build due to a semantic issue. (Pg. 76 Instance Variable and properties)

the error message tells me that my Semantic issue is “@synthesize of ‘weak’ property is only allowed in ARC or GC mode”

Which is odd, since ‘Use ARC’ was checked when I started this project. Each time I started this project. Does this actually mean something other than what I think it means?

This is the second or third time I have built this. I came back to this point after I found myself having problems with the Homepwnr app in Chapter 9, seeing as it built on material from chapter 3, I moved back to Chapter 3, since I remembered having had issues in that project and the one before it, so I went back to 2 and worked up through 3 again, but seem to be having issues I do not understand.

Any ideas what I might have missed?

Using X-Code 4.2 on a White 2.4 GHz Macbook with 4 GB RAM.