All locations share the same assets


Is it correct that all the locations share the same assets? I thought it was an asset per location?


Believe they share the same assetList… the counts are specific to each location.


A given asset could exist in multiple locations. Once I’ve decided that my store is going to carry Awesome Hats, why should I have to enter it as an asset twice, once for my storefront and one for my warehouse?

What makes the Awesome Hats at my store different from the Awesome Hats at my warehouse is the Inventory entity - it pairs up an asset and a location, and indicates the number of said asset at said location. The Inventory entity amounts to a line item on an Inventory Specialist’s clipboard - 35 Awesome Hats at Warehouse, for example.

The Location and Asset entities merely tell the application which building blocks can be combined into each instance of an Inventory record.

Does that help at all?