Am I suitable to start working as a iOS developer?



Thanks for the great books. I did read ObjC and Cocoa just 2 years ago and now I finished iOS programming 4th edition. All the books written by BigNerdRanch developer are great and deliver great content.

I just got tired of writing examples for both OS X and iOS in Objc or Swift. I love to have impact in Apple community and thus I wanna develop various kinda app. I’ve contributed to open source projects which are written in ObjC and so I love the platform and love to know more and more. So I have researched on OS X and iOS internals but I think I’m really bad in app development whether for OS X or iOS.

Some days ago a company just contacted me to have an interview and so because of my interest I did accept. I went there and eventually they told me that the company wants hire you. I believe that everything I know is theory and I’ve never tried all of knowledge to get them into working state. Btw, because of my interest I really love to learn and gain experience. They told me we sign a contract with you but the first month you’re under our focus to see how you work and how you’re effective. I do not want to lose the job so

What do you suggest me?

How to start my career in app development?

How to work to become successful and continue working at that company?

Can I improve myself in the first month to attract the company?

Am I suitable to start working as a iOS developer?

Thanks in advance.


First, congratulations on the job offer!

How do you start your career in app development? You just did!

And clearly, since you’ve been able to contribute to open source projects, you know more than just theory.

I wouldn’t worry alot about the internals too much right now. That’s certainly something to think about, but right now you’re (actively!) working on getting more and more comfortable with how it all plays together.

Have you worked through the Challenges in the book(s)? How about creating some simple apps on your own, without the book? (Not for the store – just for you, for practice.) Use the Apple documentation and examples, but see what you can do without the book. If you get stuck for a couple of hours, then sure, refer back to the book. But when you finish that app, try a similar one without using the book.

Don’t worry about the one-month probation period. That’s not uncommon. If it all goes well, then you’ll learn even faster by working with more-experienced developers. If it doesn’t, that’s okay – you have the passion for the work, so it will just take more practice.

Can you improve your skills in the first month? Absolutely. Hopefully that’s a never-ending quest. I’ve been developing enterprise software for over 30 years, and I’m constantly looking to improve my skills.

The feeling depicted here is not uncommon:

P.S. Be sure to read the Afterword (chapter 29) of the 4th ed iOS book.


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