Amazon review posted


It’s a brief one, but a full recommendation.


Hey, thanks! We really appreciate that you took the time. The reviews make a big difference in our sales.


It was actually the Amazon reviews that ended up causing me to purchase this book. It seemed like everyone praised it so I figured it was worth the asking price.


I just want to say, thanks to useful reviews on Amazon I also decided to buy this book.
However I have a quesiton, there’s only 1 edition of this book (objective C programming),right?
Because I didn’t find another Edition on Amazon?

I also bought the iOS programming book (3rd Edition), is the last one, right?

I’m a season programmer coming from Microsoft platform, but when I started on programming I first learned Smalltalk V, I heard Objective-C is based on Smalltalk, so I hope that knowledge, let me learn faster!!
I just want to said that programming Smalltalk was a great experience, is an amazing and powerful language, I hope can said the same from Objective-C !!

Thank you and Happy New Year!!


Yes, there is only one edition of “Objective-C: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide” so far.