An unacknowledged bug in Chap 26


On page 477, during the discussion of what remains to be done with the app, the book discusses a “third issue”; namely, “while in portrait mode, if you switch between the ChannelViewController and the WebViewController, you lose the bar button item.” (This turns into the Silver Challenge on page 483.) I believe there is one additional bug present that the book does not acknowledge.

Here are the steps to reproduce it:

[li] Launch app[/li]
[li] Press “List” button[/li]
[li] Press “Info” button[/li]
[li] Rotate to Landscape orientation[/li]
[li] Select any posting from list on left[/li]
[li] See RESULTS…[/li][/ul]

RESULTS: You will see a “List” button shown in Landscape orientation in the navigation bar of the Web View.

That happened with my code. I then took the sample code you can download from this site for this chapter. That code has the Silver Challenge built into it, in the form of a category method added to ListViewController:

I commented out this line, the method’s implementation, and then the two other lines where this method is called, which you can find from XCode’s error flags. With the Silver Challenge deleted, the bug can be reproduced in the sample code as well.

Anyone want to duplicate this?