Andriod Studio / IntelliJ?


I’m completely new to Android programming and looking for a good starting point. As I read many positive feedback on your new book I’m very interested.
However: with the release of android studio (IntelliJ) my question is whether it would be possible to use your book in combination with Android Studio (IntelliJ) instead of Eclipse? Or is the focus too much on the Eclipse environment?


I think here is as good as any place for me to go into a bit more depth on the Android Studio/IntelliJ thing - so I’ll answer your question, plus a bit more.

First, we aren’t yet recommending that anyone switch to Android Studio. It’s an alpha quality product right now. Even the Android team itself isn’t entirely using it yet - at I/O, we saw several demos done from within Eclipse. So don’t jump the gun here.

If you want to switch to IntelliJ today, switch to the IntelliJ Community Edition with the Android plugin, not Android Studio.

Second, yes, you can do all of the exercises using IntelliJ with the Android plugin. The book does not provide the same hands-on guidance with IntelliJ that it does for Eclipse, so you will be on your own for tasks like creating projects and classes, and you’ll have to ignore the visual editor material for now. The meat of the book is identical, though.

Finally, do I have to move to IntelliJ? If you are already fluent and working effectively with Eclipse, you don’t have to move your old projects over. Eclipse support isn’t going away, so you will be perfectly fine staying where you are. IntelliJ also has a steeper learning curve (we’ll try and fix that ourselves in the future), so if you’re just starting out and get stuck with IntelliJ, it’s fine to fall back to Eclipse.

Having said that, if you’re just starting out, and you can manage being in the wilderness just a little bit, we recommend using IntelliJ. The community already prefers IntelliJ, and we expect it to be the superior environment for everyone in the future.


Many Thanks for your elaborate answer! That makes my own choice clear.


To Bill and Brian:

What is your IDE of choice? If it is Eclipse, do you see yourself moving to android studio?


We are still on Eclipse for the time being. I haven’t consulted with everyone else at the office yet, but I imagine we’ll be moving over to IntelliJ at some point.


Hello all- first post - great book, Big Nerd Ranch Guide to Android Programming.

I just got through the first two (2) chapters using IntelliJ Idea (13.1). There are some differences and I made a few adjustments to get things to work, but all in all things function as described. The community version of IntelliJ should work fine, but I’m currently using the ‘Ultimate’ version.

I’m documenting the adjustments I made for IntelliJ -this may come in handy later on. I’m also running on Linux (OpenSuse 13.1), not that this makes a huge difference. I did notice that using the AVD on Linux was much smoother and easier verses Windows.

As I progress through the book, I typically post progress to my Twitter handle hal9k.



What where the adjustment you made in Android Studio to get it ot work with the book?