Android SDK version and Java JDK 7 version?


Exactly which Android SDK version and Java JDK 7 version is used in this book (Android Progr. BNRG 2nd ed)? Thanks.


I don’t know the exact versions. On the Android SDK side, we use a min API of 19 throughout the book. The other versions are less important (see the “Android Versions” chapter for more info on things like the target SDK version). The java version shouldn’t matter as long as it’s 7+.

Why do you ask? Are there problems that you are running into?


In iOS and Swift Programming BNRG books there are precise Xcode and Swift versions.
But for Android Progr. BNRG 2nn ed there is not precise Java JDK and Android SDK versions.
If the 2nd Andr. ed is published in August 2015, I will take Android SDK version 6 months earlier than 2015 aug.
OK. Thanks.
By the way.
Do you plan to publish Android 4th edition and IOS 7th edition soon? Do you plan any books in Kotlin?