Any update on the 2nd edition?


I preordered the second edition a while back when Amazon had a release date somewhere around October/November. Now it seems like after being delayed once amazon no longer lists a projected release date.

So, my question is two-fold: is there any word on the release? And would I be better off just getting edition one if it’s still too far off?

I preordered it expecting some free time right around release, and lo and behold I actually have some. So I’d really like to put that time toward Objective-C.


I’m sorry I didn’t see this before now. The 2nd edition books should be shipping/shipped any moment.


I received my copy today from Amazon.

Seems like a pretty big update (~80pages) so it’d be great to know what to pay attention to. Is there a Release Notes for the 2nd edition? Or a “What’s New in the 2nd Edition” post? Or diffs? :slight_smile: