App crashes when using textFieldShouldReturn:


I implemented textFieldShouldReturn as described in the book (hooked the delegates outlets to the File’s owner too) but when i try to go back listview my app crahes without any output or hints in the console.

At the moment i do not have ideas how to find the bug. Any ideas how i can narrow the bug a little bit down?

Thanks in advance

Cheers Pfitzi


Have you tried peppering NSLog statements in the viewWillDisappear: method of ItemDetailViewController and viewWillAppear: of ItemsViewController?

If something is crashing in there, you will have narrowed it down. If it is not crashing in there, you might have over-released one of the view controllers.


Mh strange i tried to post a message to the thread and your phpBB installation throws an error, that it has not enough memory. I’ll try later to post an ontopic reply.


i still get the following error trying to post some exerpts of my code

it is just about 10 lines of code so i do not understand why the forum shows this error


Not sure why that would happen, but that is nearly 2MB - much more than a few lines of code.


I assume it has something to do with the code tags and the parser afterwards …