App Icon is the wrong size?



Going though Chapter 1 - the app icon for iphone ios7 retina is supposed to be 120x120 pixels, but the icon is 114x114.

I guess one question is can the correct icon be placed in the solutions download, but a second question might be how to take a 114x114 icon and somehow easily convert it to a 120x120 icon without hiring a designer…




Also - the Default-568@2x.png are missing.



Actually, again, the more interesting question is how to create a launch image. Nothing appropriate seems to be in the index.



They need to update the zip file. But, you can open the Icon@2x.png with Preview on the Mac and resize it to 120x120. The resize is under Tools --> Adjust Size…


Here is the few graphical assets missing from the Resources ZIP

1 - a resized 120px x 120px icon@2x.png ->
2 -

Enjoy :slight_smile:


What is the recommended tool to create App Icons and Launch Images?


Thank you Jack! It is disappointing not to hear from the authors tho. I thought the forum would have some input from the authors. :frowning:



Downloaded the resources file today and everything seemed to be in order and worked fine for me.

So I guess it has been recently fixed.