App not starting in emulator


I’ve read several posts about emulator coming up slowly so I waited and eventually the emulator comes up.
In the console, I see this displayed
2014-01-10 18:21:24 - Geoquiz] Android Launch!
[2014-01-10 18:21:24 - Geoquiz] adb is running normally.
[2014-01-10 18:21:24 - Geoquiz] Performing com.nerd.geoquiz.QuizActivity activity launch
[2014-01-10 18:21:24 - Geoquiz] Automatic Target Mode: using existing emulator ‘emulator-5554’ running compatible AVD ‘Nexus_api_17’
[2014-01-10 18:21:29 - Geoquiz] Uploading Geoquiz.apk onto device ‘emulator-5554’
[2014-01-10 18:21:33 - Geoquiz] Installing Geoquiz.apk…
[2014-01-10 18:21:48 - Geoquiz] Success!
[2014-01-10 18:21:48 - Geoquiz] Starting activity com.nerd.geoquiz.QuizActivity on device emulator-5554

but nothing ever appears in the emulator.

Is it possible to write to the console during code excecution so I can see where I am ?
I’ve seen references to a logging utility / mechanism online but haven’t gotten that far in the book.
Ideas on how to actually make this work in the emulator ?


ok, I deleted the avd and recreated it using only 256 instead of 512 as suggested in the book, also set internal stoage to 100 and left off “use host gpu” as suggested in some of the other posts I found online. Now after several minutes the emulator comes up and the app is available to run


Hi - bought the Android book for my kindle today - love the book - but yet another investment where despite an excellent book the Emulator let’s everyone down. After several weeks of trying I still have not seen an android program run successfully. Very disappointed. I thought with the quality of Big Nerd Ranch I would finally see a successful project. I’m not blaming you - just crummy emulators !!


In my experience, the apps run way better on an actual Android tablet/phone although I still use the emulator to test some things. But my emulator is so slow running that the Toast alert messages take so long to come up and go away that it doesn’t really provide a good emulation. If you have an android device and can get the drivers to work (it took awhile for me to get that smoothed out on my computer!!), it’s really worth doing it that way. Even an old android device would probably be better than just using an emulator.


I had a huge time lag for the first run of the GeoQuiz… (it never showed up - I reinitiated a run session) After waiting until the emulator locked, I selected the Project/Run menu option, this launched the app, and it popped up in the emulator in a few seconds… it seemed to run sluggish, but that just might be slow animation…

Maybe using a device is quicker, I don’t know yet… But the emulator does not seem a productive way to quickly check program changes…