Application refuses to load


Hi all, first time poster here.
To start with id like to say that I’ve been really enjoying the style of the book up to now and would like to thank the authors for a very clear exposition.

Now for the bad part…
I have completed chapter 4 and chapter 5 up to the point where the application should zoom to the users location (no annotations yet). However when i run on the simulator I am greeted with a completely grey and non-interactive screen - no map no text field. Ive been through the chapter a few times now and am positive that I have followed all the instructions faithfully. Anybody experience similar issues (MacBook air 10.7.5 and XCode 4.5.2)? Thanks in advance


This seems to be a deeper issue with the map framework, at least on my system, following this tutorial … 6-tutorial i can’t even get a map to show up


I resolved this issue, it had to do with the class prefix. In the non-working version i had the prefix Whereami. Following this advice viewtopic.php?t=627 i removed the prefix and everything works as exprected. Havent checked with small caps prefix mind