Asset Catalog Compilation Error - 4th edition book


Hi All,
Not sure if anyone else ran into this problem but hopefully it helps if you do. I couldn’t find the 4th edition board index so hopefully this is an okay place to put the bug.
When working through adding the application icon to the first project with xCode. I got the resources from the kindle URL at …

Conway, Joe; Hillegass, Aaron; Keur, Christian (2014-02-12). iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, 4/e (Big Nerd Ranch Guides) (Kindle Location 1107). Big Nerd Ranch Guides. Kindle Edition.

I got the following build failure and two warnings:
Error: Images.xcassets: The app icon set named “AppIcon” did not have any applicable content.
warning: Ambiguous Content: AppIcon.appiconset/Icon@2x.png is 114x114 but should be 120x120.

It looks like the current resources folder only contains an Icon@2x.png which is currently at 114x114px.
I had to scale this up using an image editor to 120x120px image. Once I removed the old image from the iconset this cleared the build failure.

Hopefully the BNR team can update the resources files to include the 120x120px sized image.
Let me know if you have any questions! Hopefully this helped.