Audio stops, except 4.2.2?


I tested the Chapter 13 Hello! Moon application on my 2.3.4 Android and the audio stops on rotation. However, testing the same application on my Nexus 7 running Android 4.2.2 the audio continues during rotation.

I searched the API docs and Google but do not understand the difference. I will do some further tests and logging of the application, but I’m asking here in case someone has a quick answer.



I loaded and ran chapter 14 example with retained statement after loading chapter 13 example on same device. Both examples have the same package specification. The problem occurred when audio continued using eclipse to run chapter 13 example without retained statement.

When eclipse tried to run chapter 13 example, my device was actually launching the chapter 14 example with retained statement. It is because the package specification between chapter 13 & 14 is the same. The package specification for each installed application must be unique.

I discovered this by cleaning chapter 13 example, and re-running. This forces a redeploy on the chapter 13 example, preempting the chapter 14 with same package specification, on the device. The chapter 13 example audio stops as expected on android v4.2.2.

My mistake.