Autosizing for Joyee: error in the book or my bad?


Hi there,
I’m doing Chapter 8 Autoresizing part and I stumbled on the following: if I set up autosizing for image (Joyee) as it is shown in figure 8.7 (all is on) than when I rotate my device the image disappears completely. When I set spring on and struts off it works fine.
Am I doing something wrong here or it’s an error in the figure 8.7 of the book?
(I tried both simulator 6.0 and 5.1 and with Use Autolayout checked off)


I have that same issue, and I am not sure why either. I will say that tinkering around with it, if I just remove the bottom strut, it works just fine. I would love to see a solution for it.


An interesting part is that if you do it programmatically then you have to set it up exactly as it is shown on image in the book. If you do it the same as I described above it doesn’t work as expected. But if you do it manually in xib file it works only as I described above.
Don’t really get it…


When my image rotates, it picture becomes much smaller then when in portrait. Using Figure 8.8 as an example, my new height is like 1/2 of the portrayed. I made sure I had all the same dimensions as the previous figures.


I found that by turning off the bottom strut of the Image View, the end result looked similar to figure 8.8.


Yeah but still it works different to what pictured in book…


Yea. The book’s image has less space between the edge of the screen and the bottom buttons and the image view. I’m currently using Xcode 4.6.


Going through this material a second time, and on this round, I was able to recreate 8.8 based on how the book was set up. Placement of the image on the view was key, and resulted in the same results.