Availability on the Swiss iTunes Store


Hi! I waited for the third edition of your book since a month, and now I’ve noticed that is wasn’t available on the swiss iTunes Store. Are you planning to release it in English on the Swiss Store? And when?

Thanks for your books, I bought the one about Objective-C in a library and I’m really happy to have all understood!!! But it wasn’t really practical to type all the code…

Best regards, chalusf3

P-S : Sorry for my poor English… :blush:


Hello chalusf3,

I actually force myself to type in all the code, even if it’s downloadable, I discovered by doing this that I think more ‘deeply’ about what I’m doing, instead of just reading over some code. Of course this is different for every person - just my opinion. In case I run into a problem I might look at downloadable code, to do a comparison with mine.


Yes, of course it’s much better to learn, but as I live in Switzerland, it would be easier to buy it on iTunes as with Amazon or B&N (not available in CH…) In all the cases, I should be able to order it in a library…

Thanks for your answer, and I hope you understand my comment… :blush:


We seem to have a lot of trouble getting our books into the international iBookstore. This has to do with the fact that Pearson USA distributes our eBooks for us, and they don’t have a direct way to get the book there.

Can you get the kindle version? There is a Kindle app for the iPad and the Mac.


Thanks for your reply, it means that I don’t have to wait for the availability in Switzerland? I would have preferred to use my iTunes Cards, but I think that I will order it in a physical library. (even if it’s much more expensive :frowning: )


P-S : I have never used Kindle…



Is the Kindle version going to be out early, like the iBook/Nook versions? I don’t even see it listed at all on the Amazon site and I’m dying for it!

Can’t wait to read it!



Dear Aaron,

In the library, they told me that it would cost 60 CHF ≈ 66 ≈ 2 * price on iBooks Store… And it would arrive on the end of April :blush: So I would like to know if the problems with Pearson will be solved (and when)? Thanks for your answer!



My problem is solved. I got it on the Kindle Store. It works great.

I’m already on chapter 4 (having hard time with delegation :smiley: ) I recommend everyone to buy this book. I had learned C ANSI in French, then learned Obj-C with your book. And until now, I understand everything.

Thanks Joe and Aaron and all the BNR team!!!