Awesome Book


I just wanted to say thank you to Mr. Hillegass for writing such an awesome programming book. I have been programming for a long time and the Big Nerd Ranch book on Objective-C has been one of the best I have ever used to learn a new programming language. Having the chapters short, made it easy to work through the book in different time chunks, depending on my schedule. The challenges were vague enough to force me to really think and come up with a solid solution. I know have a great resource to come back to anytime I get stuck. Finally, having a forum for the book has helped tremendously.

I have the next book, iOS Programming (3rd Edition) sitting right next to me, which I am about to start reading right now.

Thanks again!



As an experienced programmer, you probably realized that the book was not written for you ā€“ it is primarily targeted at beginners ā€“ so Iā€™m especially pleased that you found it useful.