Background reading


Loving the new edition as usual but for someone with no basic computing education (well not since literally BASIC in 1985 or so), can Aaron or anyone provide some suggested reading to learn some fundamental ideas regarding concepts like static variables, singletons and so on that are central to software engineering, and not (naturally enough) gone into in massive detail in a book like this? Stack overflow and these boards are great for learning as I go but I would love to lie on a deckchair over Xmas with a book or Kindle and catch up.


Here is a book worth reading: “The C Programming Language, Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie,” from the two great computer scientists and also the creators of C itself (the most beautiful language in the Universe, according to me anyway.)

But don’t just read, practice as well, and lots of practice.


Thanks. I like C too. It was the first thing I got into in “modern” times once I gave up the TRS-80 etc. I had actually ordered a copy of that already and am waiting for it.