Before reading the book - advice


I’m an old reader of the iOS Programming book, I own all 3 editions of it, as I started the book and by the time I got to the second half the other edition was out and so on… Recently though I got with the 3rd edition also the BNR Objective-C book, and what I realized is that was the first book I should have started with. The iOS book is a very, very good and practical one, but if you don’t know Objective-C or at least C, the code lines and notations will be a struggle. The book doesn’t go in detail about what a pointer does (well, it goes, but there’s more to it than the introductory stuff), it’s hard to figure out why and when to use the * and other basic stuff. But reading the Objective-C book makes things way more clear and easyer to grasp. When dealing with iOS programming and all the methods and frameworks, the last thing you need is to stumble upon the basic stuff that is not very clear in your mind.

So, get the Objective-C book and read it first if you want a smooth ride.


I found that this book’s explanation on pointers and other fundamentals was perfect for me. I’ve never read an Obj-C book, but have been keeping up on iOS casually since iPhone 3G came out with iOS. This book blows my mind when the light turns on. This book turns on many lights for me :wink:


I read Obj-C Programming and then this. I had no experience of C in any form, I followed both books easily.


Have you finished the book or how far are you?

Do you find the code in the book easy to understand, having no C knowledge at all?