Beginner Question


Ok I am near chapter 7…at the end of the chapters, I can almost never do the challenges…and just have a hard time grasping things from scratch all on my own without the book…not sure if im dumb or if this is normal or what?


Quite normal to feel that way if you have not had any programming experience in general, and any GUI programming experience in particular.


I would say “Very Normal”. You can read books all you want, but likely “get” only part. It isn’t until you apply “your” knowledge to examples, and have to search to find answers that work, that you “really” learn.

There is, however, another way to learn (I learn). And that is to try to explain what you are doing, or what problem you are trying to solve. I seem to find more solutions when I do that. It may be that when you do that, that you probably think a bit slower and allow your brain to organize your thoughts. That way some of the answers seem to pop out.