Big problems in light of system changes


Having real problems getting progress in this chapter, with upgrades to Xcode etc.

Firstly, the document-based template had been removed from Xcode and I have no idea what that did for me.

I downloaded the solution to see if that would help, but the app window produced are just blank default windows, it doesnt even’ see’ the nibs…

Any help appreciated as I see a lot of the book hangs on this…


Good luck.

I have been struggling through this entire book having to modify all the code to work in XCode 4.2.

You can click a check box when starting the project to make t Cocoa app into a document based app. On the screen where you put in your name.

Other than that I don’t know I am stuck on the part trying to make the ‘array controller’ the target of the Add New Employee button.

I suggest if you put up all your code and really clear questions often you will get instant help.


The “Create Document-Based Application” setting is now available as a check-box option of the Cocoa Application template.