Big ugly compile error.. help


Made a mess of something. Was getting an exception simulator crash so replaces all my code with downloaded examples from chapter 13.
only thing I didn’t replace was the XIB files.

ld: duplicate symbol _OBJC_IVAR_$_ItemDetailViewController.nameField in /Users/test/Coding/xcode /Hillegrass/Xcode - iOS/Homepwner/build/ and /Users/test/Coding/xcode /Hillegrass/Xcode - iOS/Homepwner/build/

help… no idea what the heck this means or how to fix it… ugh!


Links to thing that files that I moved caused the error, nothing to do with code really
but read that this sort of error often is caused by failing to add foundations to your
project. Which I guess is basically the same thing.

hope this helps someone.