Bindings and arrays generated/changed in code


Hi all,

I recently followed a Beginning Cocoa BNR coarse, which was great. So now I am going through the book again and try to go a littler further in each chapter.

Using the chapter 8 code as an example, I wrote a small program (not document based) that has an nstableview and an array controller, which in turn is populated by a mutable array “radiologists” with pointers to “Radiologist” objects. I created this array and filled it in the app delegate, in the applicationDidFinishLaunching: method. As far as I can tell, all bindings and other settings are in place.

The array gets properly filled as confirmed with NSLog. But the nstableview stays empty, even though I bound it to the array radiologists. :open_mouth: The columns are defined to look at the ivars of the “Radiologist” objects.

When I add a button to my window and connect its action to add: in the nstableview, the entire array appears when I press the button!

Am I forgetting something? I would say that the moment of filling the array is not so important as long as its contents are bound to the tableview.



(EDIT Intro on Feb 20th)


I’d say that I do not need to tell the tableview that the controller’s array changed, since the two items are bound. Would that be correct? If so, I guess I need to look into the way I did the bindings…