Blank screen when i select a crime


Everything was running fine until 10.2. When I select a crime it does start up a new activity, however the screen is blank. I just get the action bar; no “TITLE”, no “DETAILS”, no checkbox. It was blank for figure 10.2 and it’s still blank at figure 10.3. It does start up a new CrimeActivity (I put the Log line back in). No error messages. Where can I begin to look? I’m thinking something in CrimeActivity. The only code that’s in there is:

protected Fragment createFragment() {
	return new CrimeFragment();

The entire list of crimes is showing up where I make my selection.

Did I miss something?


Found my problem. I thought I’d check the code in CrimeActivity. I failed to change from “… extends FragmentActivity” to “…extends SingleFragmentActivity”.
Since I realized that it must be somewhere in CrimeActivity I looked at it line by line.

Just in case anyone else runs into this.