BNR vs. Stanford


Going through the Stanford videos after completing the BNR book. First of all, I understand things so much better and I feel like in some ways have a deeper understanding of some of the things from the book better than what one will get from the Stanford class. For instance, the Stanford professor states that you almost never alloc/init a view controller in code and instead do it from a storyboard. As you know the book uses aloo/init all of the time and it has given me greater appreciation for what is happening.

In some ways, the book feels more academic than the Stanford course. Funny. And I paid probably 1/30 of what they paid.


However, the Stanford course does provide a lot of useful information such as the use of Storyboards and Interface Builder. The BNR book does present these topics but does so in a minimalistic manner.

Paul Hegarty also attacks things from a hard-lined object oriented and MVC approach. Paul does provide a valuable resource.

To be honest, it’s the best of both worlds to have the BNR book & forum and the Stanford lectures free of charge on iTunes U.