In the paper book on pg 447 there’s only 1 statement we’re supposed to enter for the BNRAssetTypeViewController:init method:

- (instancetype)init { return [super initWithStyle:UITableViewStylePlain]; }

In chapter 25, Localization, we’re supposed to update that same init method to localize the title of that table view controller. The problem I’m having is that code doesn’t look like the code I currently have in the init method. Normally I would just update my code with what it’s supposed to be and move on, however, it looks like there should be a lot more to this method and we’re only updating a small portion of it.

Can anyone point out what page we updated the init method after page 447? If it’s missing from the book, what did you guys put in there?


In the localization chapter, you are localizing the title for BNRItemsViewController.


Thanks Christian. I’ve finished the localization chapter and the first time we touch BNRAssetTypeView (after chapter 23 when we create it), is in the Localization chapter. In the Localization chapter the code for init is different than you had us put there when we created it. Somewhere along the line the init method was updated between ‘Adding BNRAssetTypes’ and ‘Localization’ chapters.



Ah yes, I see the issue in the book now. The entire init method should look like this at the end of Localization:

- (instancetype)init
    self = [super initWithStyle:UITableViewStylePlain];
    if (self) {
        self.navigationItem.title =
                NSLocalizedString(@"Asset Type", @"BNRAssetTypeViewController title");
    return self;