Book/Programming Help


So i’ve been going through this book and previously read and worked through an Objective C book… I find my biggest issue at this point is i can follow the examples during the chapter no problems and make them do as the text states but i feel like im still lost on the challenges in each chapter… im up to chapter 6 right now… Is there any advice on how to get to a point where the challenges and doing things on my own dont still seem like such a huge mountain?


Becoming a competent programmer is not something you can do in a short time frame. It can take several years, with a lot of hard work and persistence!

What sort of time frame did you have in mind?


well right now im doing it as a hobby on the side… so im not in a rush… just didnt know if there’s another book i can pair with this one that may make some things clearer or if i should go back and do objective c again…


I’m in the exact same boat.

I read the object-C BNR book and it was great. I’ve been excited to start this book and I am on the very first chapter. However, I find the more I actually code the more I become confident and less help I will need along the way.

But as others say, it can and probably will take some time. I have given myself around a year to make my own app from scratch and two to three years to become really good at this.