Breakpoint creation


In the book it asks us to create a breakpoint in the middle of the 99 Bottles of Beer song. however, when i go to the “shaded columns on the left” and click near the correct line, it does NOT create a breakpoint, it simply minimizes the code near the line you click, and places “…” next to your code, that you can later expand if you want. this might be a version Xcode issue (i have Version 5.0 (5A1413)). so my question is, how do you create a breakpoint (that blue arrow) where you need it?



AHHH, trial and error to the rescue. you click on the NON_SHADED part of the column, the gutter, so to speak, to the left of the line you want to insert a break code. Then a blue arrow appears instantly. not sure why the book said shaded, but glad i figured it out.