Bronze, Silver, Gold Challenges - Great Idea!


I’ve read a couple of other BNR books over the past decade and always relished accomplishing the challenge exercise at each chapter’s end. This time around, there are three levels of challenges. I love this concept; it really makes one dig into the subject matter and work towards mastering concepts taught in the book.

Completing each challenge makes you accomplish a goal. This type of activity is what separates a great programming book from a “tutorial” book. If one applies themselves to tackling each challenge, they’ll gain a new skill and deeper understanding of the topic rather than simply going through the motions as directed in a “tutorial” book.

Thank you for the challenges!

—> Kelsey McClanahan


Yes but not everybody is going to be able to finsh/understand each challenge, so after spending an hour trying to figure out a gold challenge and not getting it, what do I do if I can’t see the finished code that the author was thinking would be the answer?


You can find multiple solutions to most challenges here in the forum. They’re currently a little weak as the book just came out but give it time! I’ll admit I haven’t been posting my solutions, but I’m going to start!