Bug dismissing keyboard on Posession adding?


I’ve come across a weird problem. When viewing the detail for an existing Poession in the list, everything works fine (on iPhone and iPad).

But when adding a new Posession, and editing one of the boxes, the keyboard rises up to cover the “add image” button at the bottom, meaning you can’t add an image, and clicking on the UIControl-based view sends the message, but the keyboard dismissal no longer works. I’ve read that on the iPad this is deliberate, and found advise on overriding the behaviour using categories on the UINavigationController, but couldn’t get this to work (the category got the message, but didn’t seem to affect the keyboard behaviour). There is a “keyboard dismiss” button, but this seems less than ideal.

I additionally tried to resize the XIB to make the layout smaller, but this doesn’t seem to make a difference as it it seems to be autosized to the same size regardless.

Any ideas/suggestions? I don’t think I’ve strayed from the book code in any significant capacity, but posted it on github just in case. I’m using the iOS 5 iPad simulator.


On the iPad, there is a button on the keyboard that always dismisses the keyboard - bottom right corner.


Right, I’m aware of that button, which is why I mentioned it. It seems a bit of an awkward interface to have all that unused area but have to dismiss the keyboard to use the button at the bottom.

Reading the documentation and searching around I came to the conclusion that there isn’t a simple way to change the size of the Form Sheet presentation style, without grabbing the view’s superview after presentation and manually resizing it. I’ll just leave things how they are now, but I guess the general solution is to have an iPad specific xib that doesn’t have these issues.