Build loads successfully but no items are being added


I am currently been stumped on chapter 16 for 2 days now. My application was operating perfectly in ch 15 then after changing the saving method to core data my app hasnt been the same. I have re looked at the code everything seems like it matches and also seems to be the connections are made from the core data file. I cant tell if xcode is attempting to read the old bnritems from the desktop or not i have re did the relationships and enities multiple times please let me know what code to upload to see the errors.


Are you getting any errors when the app runs? If so, can you please paste them so we can have a look?

Also, have you tried deleting the app from the Simulator/Device you are running it to, doing a Clean build, then rerunning it? - This sometimes helps.


thank you for your feed back i guess fatigue set in on me on my part. I made a mistake by not adding the mutable array in the load all items method. now i am currently having issues with updating the asset type label. I have fixed the button to bring me to the picker but upon actually selecting my asset type the buttons name doesnt change any ideas ?


I am guessing you may have an error in the tableView:didSelectRowAtIndexPath: method in your AssetTypePicker class.


I am teaching myself this language and syntax trying to figure it out. I did some testing and typing code how i thought it might work. Seems the the book either gives us bad code by missing the " { } " brackets in this line of code on pg 335

///// in the " DetailViewController.m " file the book says add the code

nsstring *typeLabel = [[ item assetType] valueforKey: @" label"]; if(!typeLabel) typeLabel = @"None"; //////// <<<<<<< Seems that this line in the code is wrong or at least didnt work for me. I had to add { } brackets to get the code to work. [assetTypeButton setTitle:[Nsstring stringWithFormat:@"type: %@,TypeLabel] forState:UIControlStateNormal];

after looking back at other If statement lines of code i found that i had to add the Curly brackets to get the code to be affective in the code. I know its just a little fix to fix some code but the more and more i read this book and take notes i find my self understanding line for line a little bit better. Sadly my Colleges Obj-c courses are full until next fall ill try and pick one up


If you only have one statement inside an if statement, you do not need the curly braces.

Your problem appears to be your declaration of typeLabel - you have nsstring as the class type, however it should be NSString.


sorry i just typed the code from the book and didnt correctly go how it was my code did in fact not have the curly braces but for some reason wouldnt work with out them so i think used the braces. what should i post to have you see the error ?


Paste your code directly from XCode. Another issue I see is you have @" label" as opposed to @“label”. You have a space between the first double quote and the first l in label. At any rate, you need to paste the code you have from Xcode.