Building an .app file that links to a static library


I’m trying to create a project targeting OS X that links to some common code that I’ve put in a static library. Following the directions in Apple’s documentation (which targets iOS - “Creating the library” and “Linking against your library”) results in the library being placed in a product directory. Additionally the library’s header files are in an include subdirectory of the product directory. When I do a Release build on this project via Product/Archive and then hit the Distribute button in Organizer, I’m not given the option of creating an .app package – only “Save built products” and “Export as XCode archive”. There’s got to be some way to link the static library into the executable contained in the .app file, but I’m at a loss as to how to build it in XCode. I’d greatly appreciate any help, or maybe just a relevant URL. Thanks.


Never mind! The executable within the .app file was in fact linked against my static library, and the detritus in the XCode archive isn’t necessary to run the .app file successfully. The library file in the build directtory was apparently just used to stage the linker operation. Using the “Export as XCode archive” works fine.