Building Whereami for the first time


I get the following error : server did not accept client registration 3.

The simulator is not asking me to allow access for the app to the current location so I guess it ‘auto-reject it’ and somehow clueless on how to fit it. However if I take the code I can download from your book remove the GUI part it work but I was unable to spot the difference, maybe in the plist ?

The code work on my device.

Thanks for help!

Great book by the way!


If the code works correctly on the device but not on the simulator, it is a bug with the simulator. (There are more than a few simulator bugs.) While I haven’t seen this one yet, I imagine it will be ironed out in the next release of the iPhone SDK.


I had this issue, it was not a problem with the simulator as I thought as well, you can check out my reply here.